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This page was written assuming you're using a Mac. The process should be similar on Windows, but ask google for specifics.

To add the printer in Matt's office (more detail coming later): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV9PLmeUJl4&feature=youtu.be (on a Mac, open Printers & Scanners, click the + to add a printer, select the only printer that starts with "Brother")

To add the CB3 Level B printer:

First, try to just add the printer from the list of connected printers

  1. open Printers & Scanners

  2. click the + to add a printer
  3. select the printer called CB3 Level B Canon iR-ADV C2230 @ CB3-F5KMM0HDF694

If you don't see that printer, you probably need to download the driver and give your computer the printer's IP address

  1. Download and install the driver from the Canon website. Click this link to go to the website, or Google "imageRunner Advance C2230". You should get a file like UFRII_v10.13.01_Mac.dmg or similar, as the version may get updated. You might need administrative privileges to download and install this.

  2. Open "Printer's & Scanners", click the "+" to add a printer.

  3. Actually I think you need to go somewhere else to add the printer by IP so idkkkk find it.
  4. Paste (CB3 B's IP) into the IP blank
  5. For "Protocol", choose Line Printer Daemon - LPD or something
  6. "Queue" is left blank, but name the printer something descriptive like "CB3 B-Level Canon (DEFAULTS TO COLOR)"
  7. There's something about "Generic Postscript Printer" and maybe something about iR-ADV C2230 but I don't remember

After you've added the printer's IP and such..

  1. Go to Printers & Scanners, hit the "+", find the printer, click. The computer will search for the printer and set it up.

  2. Once the printer is in your main list of printers, open its "Options & Supplies" button.

  3. Go to Utility Tab, click Printer Utility, then go to Department ID management.
  4. In the box for Department ID Management, enter 23606 as both the Department ID and the PIN (to connect the computer to Matt's account), THEN HIT VERIFY

  5. If the verify button is grey/not clickable for some reason... click on other things? Go to other tabs like printer information or something until the Verify button is clickable. Idk, I don't make the rules.
  6. Only after you manage to verify, hit Save Settings.

Note: CB3 B-level Printer always defaults to printing color. It will not automatically detect whether you're printing black text on white paper or a giant rainbow; you must tell it to print black and white or we'll be charged more no matter what.

These are Ari's raw notes below. Please ignore them until the page is totally fixed

must go to options and supplies, options tab... for... something make sure you don't print color bc defaults to color this whole page may or may not be totes not how it happens so that's the address, probs then protocol is line printer daemon - lpd mebe name is CB3 B-Level Canon (Defaults to color) that last bit in caps tho location is somethin use: "generic postscript printer" iR-ADV C2230 imageRunner Advance C2230 - download driver from Canon website google the canon website bc url is nasty af download package and install driver -- requires administrator privileges after you download the driver you past the .78 ip address, prodocol lpd , queue none, name is whatever you like but CB3 level canon prints to color now in the Use: you can select canon iR-ADV C2220/2230 driver and hit add button it searching searching setting up setting up o shit o shit unable to verify printer on your network??? trying different ip address... and it works!! Now it's still not 100% set up so you need to go in to the options & supplies button for that printer, and under the utiliy tab open printer utility and go to department id manageent and tick on department id management, enter 23606 as both the department id and the pin, then save settings that is going to identify all of what we print as coming from matty that matt thinks is the only thing you have to change

make sure you turn of ffkkin color

and it's not wokring good god okay, so the verify button needs to be preesable and pressed before you save settings in that dpeartment id stuff make sure verify the 23606 stuff! now trying again... YAY SWEET SWEET SOUNDS OF PRINTING okay we don't know if the verify button not being pressable was a fluke or if we'll always need to click on other things like printer information to get the button pressable for some reason... computer will say something about yay department id is correct

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