From the command line

Open a new terminal window.

Enter ""

From the Finder

Open a finder window and either click control+k, OR click the Go sub-heading in the finder options, and click Connect to Server.

Under Server Address, enter "smb://farnsworth" (Apple or Microsoft) OR "afp://farnsworth" (Apple only) -- we suggest SMB. Click Connect. You will now be prompted to enter your username and password. Once you have logged in, select which drives from the server you would like to mount. They will now be accessible through your finder.

From a web browser

Go to http://http://farnsworth

Type in your username and password to log in. You can navigate through your files using the File Station. In order to change your password or alter other account settings, click on Options in the right-top corner (the silhouette of a man). Click on Personal, and here you can change account settings.

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