Poster Path

Date of Last Run


Buildings with Bulletin Boards

Suggested Path for Complete Run (Pro tip: bring snacks and/or a friend, whichever is easier to obtain):

  1. Avery
  2. Hamilton - first floor, north hallway
  3. Richards - first floor
  4. Brace - 3rd floor, past bathrooms, on the left
  5. Westbrook Music Building (high traffic) - keep walking until you see stairs, bulletin board is on the landing
  6. CBA - long bulletin board across from cafe-type area, 1st floor
  7. Love Library (high traffic) - by vending machines
  8. Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center - by bathrooms
  9. Neihardt (must put date on bulletin because they'll remove after 2 weeks)
  10. Beadle
  11. Othmer
  12. Jorgensen - upstairs
  13. New CBA
  14. Selleck
  15. Andrews
  16. Burnett - lots of bulletin boards, first & second floors

  17. Oldfather - by the elevators
  18. Bessey - first floor

How to Print Behavioral and EEG Flyers

  1. Go to shared box
  2. Click on raplab
  3. Click forms
  4. Click the Recruitment flyer.png
  5. Print document and click show details
  6. Change from Scale to Fit to Scale: 100%

How to Prepare Flyers once Printed

  1. Fill out the blank spaces on the flyers accordingly
  2. Cut out the tabs
  3. Tear off one or two tabs

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