This is a list of current lab projects which we'll TRY to keep up to date.

Previously they were written on the left side of Matt's whiteboard, but we are running out of room there because clearly we are doing way too much exciting work. So, now doing it electronically. Projects are listed in no particular order.

Behavioral studies (in-lab)

ref_disc_color_lab family

take another, closer look at data from Fall 2016

prep version with colors even closer together?

prep orientation version?

further in future -- try on M-Turk?


Rafay and Matt racing to try to implement it different ways

- (Rafay: via Unity)

- (Matt: via Psychtoolbox)

also may need to do minor updates to IRB

Driving indiv. differences

Han/Cheng working on getting American stimulus videos

Behavioral studies (online)


DONE: ran versions 2b and 2d with UNL M-Turk setup

- (but need to look at the data to make sure it looks like the old Yale data)

semi-done: Rafay has version 5e mostly ready, need to wrap up and run

need to set up and run other versions that only had a few subjects at Yale

EEG studies


DONE: collected initial subject dataset (N=30 or so)

need Cheng to keep working on analyses

- (and need Jake to help us set up GPU processing system)


Cheng is working on programming tasks (almost done)

next up: prep instructions, subject packet materials, etc.; recruit participants; collect data

Jo's motor learning stuff

data collection and analysis ongoing

need to keep working on figuring out analysis, collect more subjects

also need to form a plan for future experiments / thesis

fMRI studies


Matt needs to analyze data

WMxSA aka "the Gerald study"

attempt more data analysis on extant data?

- one new idea to try: trial-by-trial analysis? E.g. see if attentional modulation affects RT per-trial?

will also try to recruit ~10 more participants in Spring 2017

Fear of Falling

look at, mock, train Alaina

actually initial analysis sort of done, need to look at closer

probably need to go back and re-analyze to more carefully deal with anatomical confounds

kind of in limbo until Julie/Alaina get back to us?

SOvivid (old Yale data)

Need to keep working on M-Turk rating scale stuff (get off MBA backup!)

Matt also needs to re-familiarize himself with memory test data and see if there's anything there

Emily Ward collab?

In planning stages, can hopefully design/collect some data in Spring 2017

Matt Phillips / HRL collab?

Need to get approval from HRL and get old materials from them

Matt Jockers collab?

He has sent feelers, need to look into CB3 seed grant or offer some hours?

Completed (for now), all modalities

fMRI test suite

got two handsome, charming subjects; published to CB3 Box

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