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 * Invite Lauren and Evan to calendars
 * Behavioral data collection of Maya and Evan '''with Maya'''
 * Get Josh's demographics for EEG


  • DO VSTM-3D
  • Teach Lauren everything you know
  • Reconcile paperwork/IRB renewal for EEG
  • Invite Lauren and Evan to calendars
  • Behavioral data collection of Maya and Evan with Maya

  • Get Josh's demographics for EEG


  • Get basic transfer learning code set up
  • Toolbox-ify deep learning code and start running poster analyses


  • Get SONA stuff set up so behavioral data collection for spring can finally start
  • Get good EEG data to Jake for poster analyses


  • Once UNL credentials arrive: Get NCard, email, all that fun stuff... and then CITI training (see BeforeYouStartWorkingInTheLab)

  • General getting-started stuff on the BeforeYouStartWorkingInTheLab e.g. get Rafay to add you to Google Calendars

  • Ask Jess Cronin to activate CB3 card access (including behavioral/EEG rooms) once you have NCard
  • Feel free to update / add to the wiki as you learn stuff
  • Python learning stuff -- check in with Maya and Aaron (and Ari) and learn along with them


  • Shadow Rafay/undergrads, learn how lab data collection and such work
  • Peruse this wiki, edit as needed
  • See some of Evan's stuff above



  • 6/12-6/16
    • Working through wiki pages

Aaron, Ari, Maya

  • Learn Python
  • Work on this wiki
  • Recruit subjects for behavioral and EEG

Individual people's to-do list pages


Cheng, Jake, Jo, Rafay (and Matt)

  • Reserve hotels for CNS
  • Get flight details for CNS to Matt so he can book through Travel and Transport (or reserve for yourself and get reimbursed later if you REALLY want to)
  • All done!


  • Get Ethernet connection working again
  • Get some kind of time commitment out of undergrads for behavior

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