Run eye tracking calibration ‘xxxxxx’ on Kif

Verify screen refresh rate is at 60Hz and hit enter to continue. Calibration dots should appear in white on Kif (upper left) and subject monitors.


On Hypnotoad


On Hypnotoad

Tell the subject that you will Instruct the subject to look at each dot in turn and fixate on that dot as steadily as possible.

As the subject saccades to the new dot, they will often blink. Wait for the blink in case it happens and after the tracking graphs steady out

Calibration moves from center to the top left and clockwise, returning to center. Once the participant has returned to center

Ask the subject to look at the corners of the screen in turn, you should see their point of regard in the calibration pane track their eyes to the corresponding corners. If it loses tracking near the corners, repeat the process to recalibrate.

On Kif, we will continue with the PTB script to calibrate a second time.

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