Most of our work happens in the Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior (CB3) at UNL, and some experiments will take place in Burnett Hall, home of the Department of Psychology. If you're not sure where those buildings are on the UNL campus, try looking here -- CB3 is not on the map as a separate building, but you'll find it at the southeast corner of Memorial Stadium. If you're not sure where UNL is, try looking here. And if you're coming from even farther away, start here and zoom in as needed?


Research Participation

Looking to participate in a behavioral, EEG, or fMRI experiment? We'd love to have you! Shoot us an email at our official lab email address,, and let us know which kind of study you'd like to participate in. We'll let you know if there is anything currently running that fits your interests.

For most of our experiments, we'll be looking to collect data from healthy young adults (approximately ages 18-29), mostly undergraduate and graduate students at UNL. In the not-so-distant future, we hope to begin collecting data from healthy older adults (approximately ages 65 and up) as well.

If you don't fall into those categories, or you don't live close enough to Lincoln, NE, to come in for an experiment in person, we'll also have some studies up and running on Amazon Mechanical Turk soon. Anyone (in the United States, for now) can participate in those. You can email Rafay (see the People page for his details), and we'll send you into on any online experiments that are currently running.


Working in the Lab

Are you interested in becoming a RAPper as an undergraduate research assistant? A full-time lab manager? A graduate student? A postdoc? A visiting scholar? A pastry chef? An adorable neighborhood stray dog that we adopt as our lab mascot and name "Scraps" because we feed you table scraps and "Table" is a silly name for a dog?

In any of those cases, you can email Matt for the full scoop, but first check out the "News/Updates/Positions" heading of the Home page if you haven't already, and you should find some details on positions we're particularly eager to fill. (Unless you're our future mascot Scraps, of course... if that's you, just wander by. Everyone knows that dogs are terrible at email.)


Specific Humans

Looking for the contact details of a particular lab member? See the People page. Not sure who to contact? If it's high-level stuff (research collaborations, or need somewhere to drop huge sacks full of grant money), try Matt.

Need a phone number to call? Email is typically preferred, but if it's urgent, Matt's office number is on his CV on the People page. We'll be setting up a lab phone number soon for participant recruitment and such, but until then, we're stuck with email.