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Welcome to the official wiki of the RAP Lap at UNL.

There's not much here yet. Please add some pages! Anonymous/new users won't be able to edit pages though. If you think you deserve editing privileges (e.g. you are working in the lab regularly and we trust you), first sign up for an account (via the login link at the top) and then ask someone in the EditorGroup to make you an editor.

Pro-tip: Once you have an account, you will probably want to go into your preferences and toggle off the "Open editor on double click" option, because it is on by default and also super-annoying. There are other options in there too that you may want to fiddle around with to get your wiki experience configured to your liking. So, uh... knock yourselves out.


Here is a list of pages that we should probably write stuff about.

Admin type stuff

General lab stuff

Tech stuff

Running studies




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